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Welcome to SinhalaChat Home

Using SinhalaChat it is the ability to exchange messages in real time with other people over the local network. To send and receive network messages, you need a connection to the local area network and SinhalaChat server software. The SinhalaChat software enables you to set up a list of contacts that also use the program. Once you set up this list, you can see who is online at a particular moment. If the person you want to talk to is online, you can send text message to them quickly and easily. If they are not online, you can send invitation message to them.

  Project3X Sinhala Software family

Project3X SinhalaChat is a sub project of Sinhala Desktop. Sinhala Desktop is a freeware Sinhala Windows Shell Replacement. This project targets to developed all the major Windows applications and utilities in Sinhala Language. All the Sinhala Desktop applications and utilities are distributed using GNU - General Publics License.

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  Download the Sinhala Unicode support kit

Most of the Project3X applications are Unicode compatible. If your computer does not have a Sinhala Unicode support, download it from the Sinhala Desktop home page. Please note that this Unicode kit only supports for Microsoft Windows 2000 and newer version of operating systems only.

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  Get involved to the Project3X's SinhalaChat 0.02B version

Send your comments, ideas and bug reports to us. Your suggestions may help us to improve the stability of SinhalaChat project. Please note that when you are sending e-mails to us, please specify the subject of the e-mail clearly. We may not check e-mails without the subject heading. If you needs quick response, send your e-mails to the gmail or sourceforge.net mail accounts.